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 1+1+1 is 1, digital color photo (edition), by 3 artists in different countries, created via internet is available $114/90euros 10" x 12" framed

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 1+1+1 is 1, digital color photo (edition), by 3 artists in different countries, created via internet is available $114/90euros 10" x 12" framed
ABOUT THE ARTISTS (t)Ton Haring is based in the Netherlands, active as a professional artist since 1994. His main styles are surrealism and magic realism. He finds inspiration in nature, science, arts, life etc. He compares his attention to detail is  works to techniques used by painters during the Middle Ages, a time when attention to detail was important. His "most important" tools are brushes for painting, pencils, ink and digital stuff. Also active in music, he plays instruments like bass guitar, guitar, synthesizers, and doundoun [West African drum]. Currently, a member of Dundunba Dordt and Drainair Barafoli, specializing in West African music. Haring is actively involved in collaboration projects especially the Exquisite Corpse drawings. (m) Bernard Dumaine is a French artist, known for his work in photorealism styles and for his background designs for television cartoons. He works in a variety of media, including oil paints, acrylic paints, graphite pencil, digital painting, digital collage, and video. He has been collaborating for more then a decade in Cadavre Exquis(CE)/ Exquisite Corpse drawings/video/digital works with artists internationally. He co-founded the DeviantArt group ?The Exquisite Corpse?. His cadavre exquis works are presented in many publications, including in 2011, ?Miximages ? Exquisite Corpses? which features his CE drawings with artists scattered all over the world, (book available through He continues to collaborate and exhibit his work internationally. (btm) Martin de Diego Sádaba is a Spanish painter and illustrator who primarily works in digital media, and he has a wealth of experience in traditional media as well. He first began to paint on canvas in 2001, three years later, he "fell in love" with digital painting. He employs many different techniques and styles, but considers many of his works as fantasy, dark, surreal, or "creature concept" art.
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