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G. Holwerda-Williams

- exhibitions

- artist visits  visual art/poetry

- residency   short/long term  schools/arts organizations

- artist lectures/presentations

- poetry readings

- art/music/poetry events with individuals/artists/public and private organizations

 video  GloWorksArt Exquisite Corpse/Cadavre Exquis (EC)  workshop participants encountered a student engaged in an EC quest of his own! Going in and out of shops and trading asking, successfully,  for something based on whether it was larger or smaller then the 1 item he had to trade, he continued this until he was satisfied...this project, he claimed, was for school. He shared his encounters and showed us his last item acquired. Musician/writer E. Oron (FR)  chatted with him about the EC and it's connection to his project. Also catch typical activity going on outside... 

 BELOW   gloworksart curated/co-organized events for "Cadavre Exquis Expanded" exhibition of international visual & video artists/writers/musicians works , with public poetry/music events and Cadavre Exquis public drawing, painting, and collage workshop. [image w/text by gloworksart, other text Kulter] 

 BELOW  gloworksart co- curated/co-organized event for "Hard Hearts" exhibition of US artists, for The Urban Individualists (international artists and community arts events ), with  music and poetry reading at opening reception, at the WMC, Williamsburg Brooklyn, NY  [image by Carl D Sign]

Workshops (most using recycled materials) for 7yrs.-adult where appropriate

 - poetry   group/individual writing and performance

- puppet making   hand/flat/lap/wearable/ and performance

- print making (non-press)   collograph/etching/linoleum-cut

-  mask making

- drawing

- sculpture   paper/clay (air-dry)/plaster (casting, carving)/stone carving 

- hand-drawn animation

- painting    acrylic/watercolor/tempra

- collage  paper/cloth/mixed media/3D 

- pop-up  paper art works/books


BELOW  G. Holwerda-Williams  co-artist instructor/production co-developer, fitting "Carrotye Carrot" (made by GHW) wearable puppet costume on to young audience member, as part of public puppet performances  and  parade in Staten Island, NY usa,  proceeded by summer long puppet-making + 3d wearable collage/assemblage workshops and rehearsals with teaching artists for professional development, and puppet-making with participants in NYC Housing Authorities Harborview Arts programs. 

            Supplies for puppet fabrication, workshops, portable puppet stage, props, banners, provided by "Materials For The Arts"

ABOVE   participating artist educators sportin' their wearable 3D assemblages, created in gloworksart workshop...yes, the subject was food.... focusing on the food pyramid and healthy food choices...  


 Brooklyn 6th grade students, show off their, freshly painted, papier maiche creations during workshops developed by gloworksart as part of South Street Seaport Museum, at Schools Programs, NYC.

   BELOW   an early collaborative public project, initiated by GHW, as part of her work as the Education Developer/Coordinator for The Drawing Center in Soho their first location. Students from El Puente School  for Peace and Justice in Brooklyn NY, with J. Mancuso artist/art teacher, created a sidewalk drawing in homage to Louis Agassiz Fuertes (+see below)  an American ornithologist, illustrator/artist, considered as one of the most prolific American bird artists after John James Audubon. They created in response to the work of  American artist Charles E. Burchfield (b. April 9, 1893 - d. January 10, 1967 a painter and visionary artist, known for his passionate watercolors of nature scenes and townscapes), which were on exhibition at The D.C. at the time. And... to my left, in the polka-dot skirt the wonderful student intern asst. then...tasty salsa and fresh made corn chips donated by local restaurant for these working artists, and lots of interest from the public!

 +Louis Agassiz Fuertes (February 7, 1874 Ithaca, New York – August 22, 1927 Unadilla) was an American ornithologist, illustrator and artist. He set new standards for ornithological art and is considered as one of the most prolific American bird artists after John James Audubon. He made thousands of bird paintings and sketches, based on studies in nature and details from fresh specimens, that illustrate a range of ornithological works. He died in a car accident near New York, shortly after returning from an expedition to Abyssinia. His name is commemorated in a species described by Frank Chapman as Icterus fuertesi although now considered a subspecies of the Orchard Oriole. He influenced several other wildlife artists after him apart from mentoring George Miksch Sutton. The Wilson Ornithological Society instituted an award in his memory in 1947.  

These young artists, led by a professional artist gave Louis Agassiz Fuertes  great artist, scientist, and researcher a   "public presence" through this collaborative drawing project!


WANT?  art or poetry workshops         art exhibition                poetry or music events public collaborative projects         to purchase unique art works by international artists

art lectures and panel discussions                      contact: [email protected]



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